About Gore-Tex and why its used in Galvin Green Rain Gear

Bob Gore - Inventor

The man who keeps us dry in rain and snow without overheating. Gore's discovery of his eponymous waterproof-breathable shell material is part of outdoor legend: In 1969 , at 32, he was a chemical engineer whose family business, W.L. Gore and Associates, developed technological applications for Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) also known as Teflon. Gore was working late at the lab, trying to extend the surface area of heated rods of PTFE. Light pulling didn't work, so he gave the Teflon a hard tug. It stretched out rapidly, extending into a tough, film-like surface that water couldn't pass through but water vapor could. Voila: Gore-Tex, the first waterproof membrane, which Gore patented in 1976. Soon after, Gore succeeded his father, Bill Gore, as CEO running a company that was relaxed on the inside but tough on the outsiders, demanding that those who using its materials adhere to strict standards. some have accused Gore for bullying brands that use competitors waterproof-breathable fabrics,but Gore-Tex remains the dominant - and most trusted shell in existence.

Galvin Green Rain Gear and Gore-Tex

Galvin Green's rain gear is by far the ultimate. Gore-Tex does not allow water to pass through but water vapor can making it breathable and it's thin film makes a garment light weight and that's what you want in golf rain gear

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