My Donald Ross Video - Intersting Facts

Interesting Facts why Donald Ross Polos are one of the best.

I met with Donald Ross Staff and wanted to go deeper with them about the facts that makes Donald Ross Polos so fabulous and discovered amazing facts about their high standards for quality. When you combine all the ingredients, the recipe makes these polos so admired.

No Lycra or Spandex - You would think that it would be beneficial especially for the stretch factor. However Lycra and Spandex adds  more weight, has more static and shortens the life of washability. The great benefit with out it is how the material drapes well without that static clingy feel. 

Mechanical Stretch - so without the spandex how do you make the garment have stretch? It's achieved by the knitting process. This is a highly mechanical production skill.

Wrinkle Free: No Ironing - Wash and hang to dry

Shaped Collars on the Self Collar Polos - Did you know by shaping the collar prevents the tips from sticking out or standing up. 

Two Inches longer - They do this so that the shirt will stay tucked in and secondly if you go down a size for example Large to Medium, the additional length (sometimes when you go down a size the length gets short promoting the shirt to come out) will keep the shirt tucked.

Microbial fabric - This doesn't make your shirt smell bad. 

Sleeve Length - I didn't give it much thought at first but I discovered an interesting fact. The length of sleeves go to your elbow. When the sleeve goes past the elbow it makes the garment look big.

It's this combination that creates this wonderful garment that is so admired.

Paul Monaco

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