National Golfer's Day Golf Anything Sale

Happy National Golfer's Day
(Apr 26th)! Your Special Gift From
Golf Anything Enclosed. 


What’s the problem?

Well, we are running out of room here at Golf Anything because we have to make room for new stuff (a huge thanks to all of you that are supporting Golf Anything… and a thanks to yours truly for SUPER-SIZING our the Golf Anything Name).

So take advantage while you can… It is First Come, First Serve.

We will have lots of Mens and Womens Apparel and shoes. - Checkout the Video to get a sneak peak of some of the brands 

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We Need Your Help

The National Angler’s Day Golf Anything Sale

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Need more reasons to shop here on Golfer’s Day?

  • By supporting the Golf Anything Golfer's Day, you join thousands of other golfers excited to start the Golf Year
  • You will also be supporting two brothers dream to teach the families of the world about the joys of fishing.
  • You will also be supporting golfing in general and letting America know that you support golfing (and not Vegan Day).
  • Finally, it’s 40% OFF for crying out loud! I can’t imagine you will ever have an opportunity to grab golf gear at this kind of discount again.
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Happy National Golfer's Day!

What’s National Golfer’s Day you ask?

hat’s right, it’s Golf Day! Heralding the beginning of the more Golfer friendly part of the year, Golfers Day’s origin is shrouded in the myth and legend of this particular sport. Some people say its origins lay in 1916, when the first professional golf tournament was held on this day. Others claim that the first tubular steel golf club shaft was allowed to be used in championship play for the first time on this day. Whatever the case, get on your favorite Golf Sweater, it’s time to play hookie from work and tee off!

Well, it came to our attention that there is not an official “Nationally Recognized” Holiday called “Golfer’s Day”.

Yet, there are wacky holidays (that are actually recognized nationally) for things like:

  • Audubon Day
  • Hug a Friend Day 
  • Hug an Australian Day 
  • International Guide Dog Day - April 26, 2017 (Last Wednesday of April)
  • National Help a Horse Day 
  • National Kids and Pets Day 
  • National Pretzel Day 
  • Remember Your First Kiss Day 
  • Richter Scale Day 
  • World Intellectual Property Day 

But first…

CLICK HERE to see what’s still available in the National Golfer’s Day Golf Anything Sale.

P.S. – After you purchase your gear, please Forward or Share this with any angler friends that you think would like to take advantage of this special deal.


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