Tom Watson's Secret to the Golf Swing


With the golf season upon us, it's time to focus on perfecting your swing. And there's one secret that can make all the difference: maintaining a consistent spine angle.

Tom Watson, the legendary PGA Tour golfer, has emphasized the importance of this key aspect of the golf swing. By maintaining a consistent spine angle, you can help ensure good posture and balance throughout the swing, leading to more consistent and accurate shots.

Establishing the proper spine angle is easy to do and practice. Simply tilt slightly forward from the hips when addressing the ball, with your weight evenly distributed between your feet. As you rotate your body back and through the swing, maintain a stable spine angle without excessively arching or rounding your back.

Here are five reasons why maintaining a consistent spine angle is so important:

  1. Consistent ball-striking: A consistent spine angle helps ensure that your ball-striking is consistent from shot to shot, leading to more accurate and reliable shots and lower scores.

  2. Better balance: Maintaining a stable spine angle helps prevent swaying or losing your balance during the swing, which negatively affects your shots.

  3. Improved posture: Good posture reduces stress on your back and other parts of your body and helps you swing the club more comfortably and efficiently.

  4. Increased power: A stable spine angle allows for a full shoulder turn during the backswing, generating more power and speed for longer shots.

  5. Better ball flight: Consistent spine angle helps maintain a consistent swing path and angle of attack, leading to straighter, more accurate shots and better scores.

In essence, maintaining a consistent spine angle is crucial to achieving a solid and accurate swing. However, it's essential to work with a qualified instructor to determine the best spine angle for your body type and swing style.

Ready to take your golf game to the next level? Focus on maintaining a consistent spine angle, and watch your shots improve.

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