Why I Bought Heavy Putter

I first learned about Heavy Putter at the 2009 PGA Show. There was a buzz around their booth as they were introducing technology that was way ahead of its time. 

Fast forward to 2018, we needed to expand our store and learned that Heavy Putter, whose shop was two blocks down the street, was shutting down. The location was perfect so we took over their space. 

As an avid golfer always willing to try new equipment to improve my game, I was compelled to try a Heavy Putter (B1 Mallet-Face Balanced) and here’s what I found: My long putts were a lot closer to the hole and I made more 4'-6' foot putts than ever. My Scotty, that I had used for over 10 years, landed in the corner in my office where it still sits today.

Fast Forward to January 2019. Counter balance technology is the norm, Heavy Putter’s technology is aligned with the market and the company’s inventory was available to acquire. It seemed the perfect match since I’m always looking for great products at low prices so I can share the savings with our customers. The deal was sealed at the start of the year.

I respect and admire the battle the inventor of Heavy Putter fought. He was ahead of time and faced the challenge of any small company in the golf business trying to compete against the big boys.

But I am glad he fought the good fight. He spared no expense to create an amazing line of putters that really do help golfers make more putters. It helped me. And it will help you.

That’s why I bought Heavy Putter.
Paul Monaco/ President 
Golf Anything
My B1 Heavy Putter Gamer 

I was searching Heavy Putter on the internet and came across this video featuring Mark Lyle from 2009 - the comments he made then are still true today.

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