B1 Heavy Putter - Mallet


Please allow approximately 1 week for your club to be specialty built for you. 


  • Mallet Head Design
  • Center Shaft
  • Zero Shaft Offset
The B1 Heavy Putter is 100% CNC milled from a forged billet. This face-balanced mallet putter has a center shaft hosel configuration with no offset.

The head weighs 475 grams (including the pre-installed stainless steel tip weights) and there is a 250 gram counter balance weight in the grip end of the shaft that creates a balance point 75% higher up the shaft than a conventional putter. The tip weight kit (not included, see Accessories) raises or lowers the head weight by 25 grams (up to 500g or down to 450g).

The head weight of 475 grams is comprised of a 430 gram head with two stainless steel tip weights of 22.5 grams each pre-installed. The tip weight kit contains two 35 gram copper-tungsten weights and two 10 gram aluminum weights.

The B1 features a True Temper shaft and Golf Pride Pro-Velvet rubber grip with a flat front and a pistol back.


  • 3.5°
  • 72°
  • 32”-35”
  • 100% CNC Milled from a forged billet of 303 Stainless Steel
  • Right Hand
  • Custom True Temper steel
  • +/- 475 grams – 430g + 45g installed stainless steel tip weights
  • Counter balance weight in grip end of shaft = 250 grams
  • Golf Pride Pro-Velvet rubber grip 
  • CNC Milled, Diamond Cut pattern
  • 303 Stainless Steel
  • Included
  • Sold Separately

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    Dave A.
    United States

    This is the second heavy putter I have owned, they are the best putters for pendulum type putting strokers

    A bit slow on the delivery, but arrived as promised. I would like to install an oversized weighted grip, are any available through Bocceiri?

    Robert B.
    United States

    heavy putter

    Came within a week. As advertised. Happy with it.

    Kevin F.
    United States

    Heavy Putter satisfaction

    Excellent as I have had heavy putters in the past and always appreciated what they bring to my putting stroke: better control, more effective pendulum motion and much less risk of wristiness (is that a word?). I particularly like the shape and style of this model and have returned a recently purchased new Ping putter because it was too light! I expect to use this putter for a long time.

    chuck m.
    United States


    If I had the putter that I oerdered over a month ago then I could give you a review. Sadly however, it has never arrived. Last time I’ll ever deal with this company.

    John W.
    United States

    Putter good.....customer service, not so much

    Once I got the putter it was what I was expecting. Tyrosine was waiting for over a week for it to ship was the problem. I finally had to give them an ultimatum that if it didn't ship that day I was canceling the order and contesting the charge with AMEX. After doing that, I almost magically got notified that it was ready to ship. There are lots of sim9lars reviews so if you need something shipped quickly you might want to look elsewhere.