Donald Ross

Donald Ross Mens 100% MERINO WOOL Striped Sweater - NAVY

DONALD ROSS 100% Merino Wool Sweater - Ultimate Comfort
  • Merino Wool Sweaters by Donald Ross will give you comfort that will last the entire time it is worn. Merino wool is one of the finest categories of sheep's wool. It is known for its extremely soft and light feel. In addition, it is the best material for thermal regulation, as it will keep you warm when it is cold, while not allowing you to overheat as the temperature rises. 
  • 100% Merino Wool



    Here are five excellent reasons Merino wool is so desirable:

    • Merino wool is soft. Modern technology allows the selection of only the finest Merino fibers, which lack the annoying microscopic barbs other wools possess—tiny, invisible miscreants that irritate the skin. Because of this Merino feels exceptionally soft by comparison. And because Merino wool is only about a third the diameter of a human hair, it lays comfortably against the skin.
    • Merino wool drapes well. Merino is elegant and sleek and fits the human form beautifully; it also holds dye well, and comes in widely varying textures, weaves, and weights. And it’s easy to tailor—no small thing for designers—and may be permanently “set” with temperature and moisture.
    • Merino wool is insulating. The wool of the Merino sheep works to keep them warm in winter and cool in summer—why shouldn’t it do the same thing for us? This means Merino will also regulate the body’s temperature and heart rate to improve sleep. And unlike cotton and other synthetics, Merino continues to insulate even when it’s wet.
    • Merino wool keeps you dry. The long, fine, very soft hairs wick moisture away from the sheep’s skin and release it back into the air as vapor; you can expect the same when you wear Merino wool. It behaves as a buffer by managing the buildup of moisture—individual fibers can absorb as much as 30 percent of their own weight in moisture—keeping the body drier longer, whatever the external temperature. Once wet, Merino dries more quickly than cotton or synthetics, but does not cling to you, so your skin can continue to behave “normally.”
    • Merino wool is a natural performance material, possessing many of the same technical properties that must be added to other performance textiles. Merino wool
      • Is anti-microbial
      • Resists odors
      • Is fire resistant, refusing to melt or stick to skin
      • Is anti-static and wrinkle resistant
      • Is hypoallergenic
      • Boasts an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of 50+ depending on its weave

    The end result is a beautiful, functional textile.