Iliac Thermal Honeycomb 1/4 Zip Jacket - Black


NEW Honeycomb outerwear is back by popular demand. "For this fall I'm happy to be releasing some of my finest cold weather outerwear. The honeycomb fiber structure is something I developed a few years back, it is probably the warmest and most practical material structure I have ever seen.

How it Works

It works like a solar panel on the first layer that wicks moisture and body heat, trapping the larger air molecules in the honeycomb layer building extra warmth yet quickly getting the sweat/water molecules off your skin so you remain dry, comfortable and warm. The trick is how it stretches, softness, and thin.


Mid Weight (25-65degrees) Internal music/phone pocket with cord outlet, elastomer wrist closure, max-air vented mesh pitts. Warmth without weight, easy care, performance, breathable, moisture-wicking, ultra-lightweight, extreme 360 degree stretch, soft as butter and designed to keep you comfortable without any distractions. Focus on your shot not your clothes.