Iliac Men's Golf Polo - Navy


Bert's signature golf shirt which debuted at the 2011 Masters on Masters Champion Zach Johnson. Understated elegance with the collar and V-tail accents make The Rancher a timeless classic. Enjoy Bert's tour stay tucked longer body to all the sleeves and shoulders to be more fitted yet stay tucked while swinging.


Design/Tour Proven/Tech/Use: Our tour proven 4 oz PQ10 tech weight material has proven over the years as the most desirable weight, feel and performance by over 73 PGA Tour Winners and Major winners. They prefer this weight and material because it is the perfect balance of structure, stretch and feel. Our PQ10 is a special Micro-Pique weave designed to wick moisture, protect you from UV rays, and breathe. The fine spun fibers provide a slight illustrious shine unlike any golf shirt in the world. Sublimation print is the process of embedding the inks into the material fibers via a gaseous state at temperatures over 290 degrees. Sublimating insures a vibrant lasting and fade resistant design.

Button down Collar