Sundog Mens Rise Sunglasses - BROWN

Sundog Mens Rise Sunglasses - BROWN

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Excellent for everyday use, the warm tint of this lens provides an increase in color contrast in bright conditions.

These sunglasses feature world-class TrueBlue lens technology as worn by LPGA Superstar Paula Creamer. TrueBlue-branded lens technology incorporates synthetic Melanin to filter blue light and block ultra-violet light for the ultimate in protection and performance. Combined together and isolated in polycarbonate, the lenses are second to none in the vision industry.

TrueBlue premium polycarbonate lenses provide:

  • Unique Blue Light Filtration
  • Improved Performance
  • Refined Protection, Enhanced Definition
  • Maximum Visual Clarity
  • Superior Glare Reduction
  • Reduces Visual Fatigue